Monday, January 30, 2006


So....I thought doing a little daydreaming would work.

This was not the greatest of weekends, and truthfully I said to myself a few weeks ago, well this rain won't get me down, what a great opportunity to get alot of unfinished things I have going on, projects, cleaning ect... done. I will take advantage of this time. I lied, no really ,I must have been lying to myself and to along with others. This rain is depressing. I am actually going out of my mind at times, not being able to soak up some good old hot sunshine..Liquid sunshine, ah, won't do it.

Ben has been sick this past week, well let me tell you, he got his energy back . I think it started friday nite, and that kid was bouncing off walls the whole weekend. He was into everything he shouldn't have been. We really tried to be good parents and play with him, amuse him, and go along with his crazy, energetic mood. Let's face it ,the grey days made us cranky and tired.

At one point last nite ,let's see probably about 6pm, Alan yells in to me and says" Hey, have you heard of any kindof schools they may have on the weekends for kids Ben's age???"

He was kidding of course, but I think his brain had, had just about enough of Goodnite, Moon.,I love you this much, oh, and every other book in his basket. Along with throwing the football around the house, and at Alan's face several times.

Well I will keep this picture in mind, and keep daydreaming for the day the sun peaks out, dries everything up, and I hear the laughter of my son's voice screaming thru the yard.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Well here he is again...getting ready to do the santa shuffle. Posted by Picasa


I realize christmas is long over but thought we could still share a few photos from then...Ben decided to get into the spirit and run around like one of santa's elves. Cute... Posted by Picasa


I recently got to attend a Seahawks game on Christmas was great. I invited my mommy,daddy, and sister Madison to go, they were so happy just to be there, I was happy to have them. Here we are cheesin, I'm the one on the left. Posted by Picasa


Well, I'm sure the Seahawks will go all the way, and win the Superbowl Title, but if not there's always PIZZA!!! Pizza, football, missing the beer, but I got JUICE, ahh...doesn't get any better than this. Posted by Picasa


We're barely into the new year, and low and behold Ben has yet another ear infection, so here we are again on another dose of antibiotics, and sleepless nites. Oh, the joys of Daycare, all the little bacteria camps out on our doorstep, and tag Ben has been hit again. They say this will just make him a stronger fighter on colds and flues as he enters school, ya right, we shall see... Posted by Picasa

So...this page is all about me, huh???

Well let's get started mommy will be doing all the posting for me right now until my handwriting is readable, oh and when I actually can write. She will be letting everyone know what fun and exciting things I am doing, and maybe a day will happen she wants to write about herself or even daddy. Go along with it, she'll go on about herself for a while, but sooner or later it will come back to me...I am of very importance to her, and she rarely can go a day without talking about her #1 guy. So enjoy the posts, and let us know whatcha think...we love hearing from you. Posted by Picasa