Monday, February 13, 2006


Hey Girls....Hubba, Hubba, Hubba!!!
Just a shout out to all of you wishing you a "Happy Valentines Day!!Posted by Picasa

Does Dick know what a quail looks like???

You gotta love those Republicans!!!!

Maybe Bush should recruit Cheney and see how he does against Iraq, sounds like his shot is ahh..okay.

Yikkkesss, and they are running our Country. Good thing that"THE PREZ" can't be out shooting with the Vice at the same time.

Imagine Bush being out there...Oh, wouldn't it have been great. I guess he's escaped his destiny once more. Probably better watch his back if he plans on doing any quail hunting in the future, especially with his 1st Mate.

I just cannot quit laughing...especially imagining all the people laughing along with me!!!!

I do feel bad for Harry, he really was just an innocent bystander

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Mother's Love...

This morning I woke up like any other day; a little tired, not yet quite a wake, and a little cold too, as the heat was not yet on in the house. I was doing my usual morning things, getting ready to greet my daycare kids, and cleaning up the house a little of Ben's toys cluttering the floor, and straightening up things here and there.
I had a really strong feeling of happiness ,as I was doing my daily rountine. The sun had just starting shining thru the window, and a little whisper came over me, "Thank goodness the rain has gone, what a beautiful day, huh..." A smile came to my face. My mom was making herself heard somewhere in my thoughts. She stayed and sat with me as the kids were arriving, and Ben had woke up, and the kids starting playing their musical instruments with such strong delight, first thing in the morning.
Such a beautiful day, nothing sounded better to me than a pretty bouquet of daisies, and a shared moment with my mom at her grave site. This had been my first time going to see her since her passing last September. Thoughts of her are in me often, but something was pulling me to go the cemetary to see her, and give her the daisies. I went to the area of her grave, and starting searching, and searching....and searching. Oh, it was beautiful out, but so...cold. I hate to admit it, but after still searching for a bit, I cursed, it just slipped out. I felt ashamed, to have cursed among everyone, but human I am, and it happens.
Still no sign of the plot, I called my brother, and wanted to know, "What the heck, where is mom's stone at?" He was not aware of there not being one also. He said "Wow , strange that you decided to go out there of all days, I had a dream about mom last nite. She was talking to me, I can't tell you what we talked about, but she was definatlely talking to me."
I headed over to the cemetary office to get to the bottom of the missing stone. It had all been pre-paid and picked out, but actually never ordered to be made, at the time of her passing.
Everything had just starting making sense to me as the days events have unraveled, my mom had I do beleive ,been trying to get us to take notice that she was missing a stone(that had already been paid for) and really thought it was time that it be put over her, and she had her name amongst everyone.
Some of you may think this sad, or in bad taste to post on my blog. But to me this has been a very happy and glorious day. It has shouwn me a mother's love is so strong with her children, she will always be able to communicate in so many ways to make sure all is well with them in the world, and as they should be ,even after they pass. I know my bond is so strong between my kids and myself, and that bond was just as strong with my mom and her children, her presence in me today, gave me great comfort, and a smile that I cannot seem to shake. And never want to ....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Movie Mania...

I just have to say; this is the first year I actually have almost seen all movies up for an oscar this year. Capote, Brokeback Mountain, and Crash, so far...two more to go. And I was pretty impressed by all of them so far.

Capote which I saw yesterday,was really good, I had no idea what a crazy man he was, and his part was played brilliantly.

Brokeback Mountain. Wow!!! I really liked it, but am still taken back by it, and not sure what to think. I am very liberal, but had a hard time seeing a few things I guess I just wasn't ready for, even though I thought...hey nothing can surprise me these days.

And Crash, well it just made me sad. And really brought me to alot of realization that goes on right under my nose.

So Goodnite, and Goodluck and Munich are the two left to see, and I really don't have alot of interest in either, but I'll get into the theatre to seem em, hopefully soon.

I think my next movie in this movie mania is going to be "Curious George" What do ya think, could it have a shot at it next year????