Monday, August 27, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1…. My name is Barbara

2. I was named after my Mom's good Friend

3. I still talk to that good friend named Barbara

4. Barbara seems like an older ladies name

5. I use to lots of nicknames in school to do with that name

6. I don't like to be called Babs

7. Or Barb really

8. My son calls be Barbara sometimes, he thinks it's funny

9. My name is always spelled wrong (Barbra)

10. My hubby calls me by my first name when he's angry at me, otherwise he calls me hon, sweetie, ect...

11. I don't really think the name fits my personality

12. Barbara is really an old fashioned name

13. Wow, Barbara that's quite a name

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I thought I'd share another Photo

Here is both of my kiddos, they just had they're pics done last week. Looking at Ben, I can't believe he's already 4, and I also have a Newborn too. Yikkkeess...and I'm getting ready to be 40 next year. It's crazy. None...and I do mean none of my girlfriends have this young of children. In fact, most of their kids are graduated or getting ready to graduate, or at the very least they are in grade school getting ready for the teen years.

I started late, what can I say. I played hard in my 20's and some of my 30's along with my hubby, going anywhere, or everywhere without a moments notice, (remember those days ladies and gentlemen?) Well we go go go now, but not without tons of luggage packed in the car, just to take a trip to the park for the afternoon.

I love my life don't get me wrong, it's great being a mom to young children at this age, I just run out of gas a little sooner, on that note, I shall take a break for a quick cat nap to gear up for the next several hours of bottles, diapers, and playing spiderman!!!

Yep...I've been a little busy Creating this !!!!

Yep, in the past year much to my surprise...I got pregnant, and had a pretty rough last few months before her birth in June. Baby Liz is now almost 21/2 months old, and the luvvvv of my life, along with my son Benjamin whom turned 4 years old today. I dropped out of the blog world for a long time, lost track of some of the bloggin buddies I had, and hope to build new friends as I ease back into the world.