Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bellylaughs izzzz Back!!!

So...you probably noticed ah..there hasn't been posts goin on here for umm..about 31/2 months or so. Well what happen is....well Summer happened. Bringin two more people into the household for the girls SUMMER vacation to begin with. Summer was packed and full of fun, but it's just to hard to sit down and blog about it while your in the middle of it. With the month of September and the excitement of School starting, I finally begin to look back and and go hewwww...wow what all went on this summer, and it's fun to look back on pics and such in all the fun our family along with our friends did.

It's fun bloggin ;but I really just keep on this to keep our family and friends who live miles away or we just are not in touch with on a day to day basis in touch with our family and what goes on in our lives...I really enjoy reading all the blogs out there, it assures me that yes, I'm a mother, but still a woman and their lives are crazy and unbearable at times; just like mine. So yep we are back, or shall I say I'm back.

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